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Should I fill out the IIFT 2022 form? I am scoring at 70-75 % in my mock CATs.
Definitely you can.But IIFT paper is different from CAT.You should religiously go through all questions as there will be definitely very easy questions probably at the end of each section.Read the instructions properly.Even if there won't be any sectional cut offs ,you should atleast score base points from each section.DI will definitely be time consuming.Go for approximations judiciously as the different answer options are almost same.So always keep an eye on the answer choices.RC might be time consuming but its not that stiff as with the CAT stuff.Remember,reading the question takes you atleast 5 minutes.But that will give you atleast 15 easy questions.If you start solving the question from the word go,you definitely repent at the end of the test.All the best
I have a class lesson assessment form that I need to have filled out for 75 lessons. The form will be exactly the same except for the course number. How would you do this?
Another way would be to use the option of getting pre-filled answers with the course numbers entered. A custom URL is created and the form would collect the answers for all of the courses in the same spreadsheet.  Not sure if that creates another problem for you, but you could sort OR filter the sheet once all the forms had been submitted. This is what the URL would look like for a Text Box  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia6-paRijdUOn8U2L2H0bF1yujktcqgDsdBJQy2yO30/viewform?entry.14965048=COURSE+NUMBER+75 The nice thing about this is you can just change the part of the URL that Contains "COURSE+NUMBER+75" to a different number...SO for course number 1 it would be https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia6-paRijdUOn8U2L2H0bF1yujktcqgDsdBJQy2yO30/viewform?entry.14965048=COURSE+NUMBER+1This is what the URL would look like for a Text Box radio button, same concept.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia6-paRijdUOn8U2L2H0bF1yujktcqgDsdBJQy2yO30/viewform?entry.14965048&entry.1934317001=Option+1 OR https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia6-paRijdUOn8U2L2H0bF1yujktcqgDsdBJQy2yO30/viewform?entry.14965048&entry.1934317001=Option+6The Google Doc would look like this Quora pre-filled form I'm not sure if this helps at all or makes too complicated and prone to mistakes.
How much does it cost to start a 501(c)3 in NYC?
According to the Department of State, Division of Corporations, State Records, and UCC for New York, you must pay the statutory filing fee of $75 (as of July 2022. along with a small fee to check name availability.Filling out your non-profit forms accurately is very, very important. Ultimately, what you put in your documents may affect whether you are (or will remain) tax-exempt. Now, with that being said, your state documents aren’t the only documents you must complete. You must also fill out an Application for Recognition of Exemption with the IRS. Some non-profits are eligible to fill out a streamlined version, but you should talk with an attorney or tax professional to determine which one you should complete.You may also be required to obtain certain permits or licenses in New York (at either the city or the state level). This depends on what your non-profit will do or sell in order to raise money. Without the right permits or licenses, your non-profit could be shut down.You also need to write bylaws and appoint directors to the non-profit. Directors are important and should be chosen with care. They make important business and financial decisions for your non-profit. They will also officially adopt the bylaws at the first board meeting. The bylaws explain how the non-profit will be ran.Because non-profits must remain in compliance with state and federal law, it’s a good idea to first speak with an attorney and maybe even consider allowing the attorney to fill out the documents. It’s really worth the price since the tax-exempt status of the non-profit can be affected by a mistake. If you’d like to speak with an experienced attorney, check out LawTrades. Our legal marketplace has helped connect many entrepreneurs with experienced, non-profit attorneys to get them up and running. Hope you give us a try!
What was the scariest experience you ever had?
………………LIMBO………….…….Something was wrong.The sun was out but a thick giant cover of cloud had engulfed it. A cool breeze was flowing, strange as it was peak summer season in May. The breeze was strong but still none of the leaves in the trees rustled. A wave arose at the far end of the lake nearby, gradually becoming bigger and fiercer as it approached us, but died midway. Another one threatened but faded, albeit a little closer this time. The ground was wet, but the sky showed no traces of recent rains.My family stood with me. My father on his phone browsing through songs while adjusting the cords of his earphones. My mother playing with a black mouse, caressing his fur. My brother talking to Siri asking for directions.Everything seemed fine. Like a good happy middle class family out enjoying a holiday together.Except the fact that I had no idea how we got here.It didn’t fit. Something was wrong. And then it hit me. My dad hates using earphones as they hurt his ear, we do not have a pet mouse and my brother uses a POCO F1 and not an Iphone. What was I missing?The waves from the lake had grown and the water was coming closer, slowly but surely reducing the gap. I could hear the thrashing of each and every wave as it receded back and collided with an oncoming one. The sound was crisp and clear. That's when I realised that everyone was awfully quiet. None of them had spoken a single word yet.I looked at my father. His hair was wet and dripping. Odd, I thought. My mother on the other hand was done playing with the mouse now and stood there, staring into the horizon, the light no more reflecting of her eyes. Her face was turning blue. I turned towards my brother. He was blowing bubbles with his saliva like a drooling 2 year old and as he sneezed, some froth came out of his nose.This was driving me crazy. Nothing felt right and I didn’t know what to do. I looked down. My feet were wet. The waves had reached us finally. My family was still unperturbed. What the hell was happening? What were we doing here?“Think Tapesh, think. What is the last thing you remember?”I closed my eyes, whether it was to concentrate or the primitive response against the fear of an unknown danger looming over my family, I don't know.Yes I remember. We are in a car. Going somewhere. But where? I look out of the window and see a couple having sex. The guy zips up and hands the girl some cash. Wait, the fuck? How is a random guy banging a whore, relevant to my brain. Wait. Banging a whore. Bang-a-whore. Bangalore!We are going to Bangalore. It’s my brother’s IIM-B interview. The entire family was excited and accompanied him.Dad is driving, brother beside him playing PUBG. That’s what the Siri thing meant. He was looking for directions but in the game.My mother beside me was playing with me hair.“Kaali undadli” she said. (Marathi for a black mouse). My mother calls me a mouse. That explains the black mouse vision.My dad is busy adjusting the radio, switching between the channels. That is what my brain interpreted as changing music and earphones. Finally my brain is starting to make some sense. Good that it did, before something bad happened.I spoke to soon. A car from the opposite lane tried to overtake the bus infront of it and steers into our lane. My dad is quick to react and swerves the car out of harm’s way, saving us from the collision. But the road is skiddy. The car veers off the bridge, nosediving straight into a lake.I jolt back out of my mind palace. The waves had reached our knees. We were drowning. Considering that only I was hyperventilating and shitting my pants, only I had remained conscious after the impact.I looked around. Everything was hazy. There was a shed nearby. If everything here was a manifestation of reality, then....This shed must be the car.I ran towards the shed and tried to open the door. The hinge didn’t budge. I stepped back and landed a powerful kick. Still nothing. The door of the car must be jammed due to the enormous underwater pressure. I had to somehow get inside this shed. I spotted a window above.“If only I can break it and get inside” I thought.Frantically I search the perimeter for something sharp. An axe. That should do. I postion myself infront of the window. Hold the axe high. Close my eyes. And let it rip.Time slows down as a large billow of water surged and the torrent tossed me away like a ragdoll caught in a hurricane. I did it. I had made it out of that car. I achieved freedom. Or so I thought…As I looked around, the reality that nothing had changed dawned upon me. My family was still standing there, oblivious to the chaos and imminent danger.How? Why did it not work? I thought that I had decoded the meaning of all this and cracked the code, that this entire experience was my brain's interpretation to what was actually happening to my human form and that if I acted in this dimension, somehow it would affect the actions of my human form too.And then it hit me. I was wrong, I had been wrong the entire time. I thought that this, this form was the conscience of my human body manifesting itself, but I was wrong. I was not the conscience, I was the soul. Unescorted by it's body. A soul away from its vessel... helpless, hopeless.There was something new though. A crowd had gathered around the lake, watching a giant crane pulling up a car from the bottom of the lake. Our car. As soon as the crane placed the wreckage by the shore, people rushed in to save any possible survivers. The door was opened and the 4 bodies were laid down.I had seen some of the most gruesome and horrid things in my life, witnessed autopsies of burnt victims and gunshot wounds. 3 year old bursting his skull open and bleeding to death as well as an eleven year old being eaten by worms in his intestine. But none of that had stupefied me like this. This was inconceivable.There, was my entire family, lying on the brink of death. I rushed to them like a pigeon looking for a shelter in a thunderstorm, secretly rooting to find comfort with them, when I knew that maybe I would never see them again.“Hold me mother”, my heart and mind cried in unison.I started CPR on my father. His soul stranded in the limbo saw a glimmer of hope. He turned and walked towards me, towards his human vessel and lied down, slowly pouring the elixir of life into his body.“The man is breathing. Call an ambulance”Who thought saving my mother would become the most difficult task for me. I couldn't look at the sight of her lifeless body lying infront of me. Somehow I mustered up courage and began resuscitation. Her soul walked upto me, gently caressed my cheeks and took her place back insider her body.But words can't describe the fear, when I saw my brother. What is this magic that death enchants so effortlessly turning a happy healthy boy into a ghost, in a matter of seconds. His contused and lacerated face, the froth coming out of his mouth signifying his violent struggle to grab onto a whisker of life with his last gasp, his blank open penetrating gaze.“I just have to do this. NO wasn't an option” I thought.His soul slowly started drifting towards the lake.“No brother, come back. I am not giving up” I said.But perhaps he had gone too far and couldn't hear me.“Come back, idiot. Come back my brother”He stopped. A tiny corner of my heart sprung with joy believing that all was not lost. He turned around, his face wearing a mask that was devoid of any expression.“Say something, anything. For the sake of all the things that were left unsaid between us. Brother mine, just once”He looked me in the eye, every muscle of my body twiching in anticipation for that one miracle moment, and it came.He blinked, his eyelids moving slowly in perfect synchrony, one that reassures the younger brother that everything will be fine. That this too shall pass. And just like that, with a hot gush of wind, he disappeared into the unknown.My parents were gradually recovering their consciousness and were devastated seeing the bodies of their beloved sons beside them. My mother was crying her heart out, holding my body closer to her chest, pleading to God to give her, her son back. My body was there and I could so easily resurrect myself.And so I took a large breath, caught a last glimpse of my parents, for I was going to miss them, and meandered away towards the lake.I woke up with a start. They say dreams do come true.I so wish that isn’t the case with me.TooshieTapesh Jain
How does uni-assist in Germany work?
#VPD #UNIASSIST #VorprüfungsdokumentationHey peeps, hope u all r doing well n productive. Many of us r preparing fr admissions in Germany fr MS or some other courses,many deadlines are around n some of us r preparing for winter intake 2022. I hv been through the process of applying in universities Uni-assist , n I know process is somewhat confusing for many of us, even for me I was lyk struggling a week to sort out this process in initial stages. So m gonna write everything what u'll b needing to apply through uni assist and what all u will b encountering while in process. So let's get started n ofcourse further queries r welcome. Happy to help1) What is uni-assist?- It's a firm/body which pre-checks all your documents and send it to ur selected universities. A VPD no will b provided to you with the help of which you can apply to universities whose application is through uni assist.2) Overview.- Register on uni-assist.- Fill initial information(there will b several pages regarding ur personal information).- Apply for university/s by selecting Univ name n course, if u don't find course jst select "all subjects" n create an application or applications if u wish to do for more than one universities.3) Uploading documents.- Now u need to upload all the documents in the uploading section only once(except SOP, u should write a separate one for all Univ/courses u apply for) for all the universities. Diff slots r provided fr all the documents.Upload all the documents u have got... - starting from highschool marksheet, passing certificates, college transcript, degree certificate, exp. Letters, LOR (college n work place ), special achievement certificate, passport copy, CV, language certificate, IELTS ,SOP (a separate one fr each course u are applying) ....spare me if I hv left any of the certificate (a list has been provided in the help section so plz do refer it once before applying).Note- Make a check list of documents, do name the documents in proper way, convert docs in pdf form (other formats are given there too) just b known dat u r allowed to upload only 100 mb of files so jst resize docs accordingly.- Uni-assist fee payment- u need to make a bank transfer to the uni assist's bank account( this takes almost 2 days... The bank will ask you to fill a 4 page form for this, account info, and all bank account codes are given on website too, m attaching a screenshot too fr ur convenience) do not forget to carry your passport copy, printout of mail u get after successful application to uni-assist n 1 mote ID proof. ******** Do not forget to pryour applicant no. In Remark box, I repeat do not forget to mention your applicant no in Remark box. (Very very important- if u dnt do this , process might take a week more).4) Select documents to be uploaded in individual application of course (careful while selecting SOP among diff. SOP's)- Forward application - download PDF of application-print it -sign it- put it in A4 envelope with all other officially attested/certified documents. Do keep a list of content in packet fr their convenience. Take a printout of address n addressee(also applicant no.) paste on packet, seal packet n send it to uni-assist through DHL/FedEx atleast 2-3 months before deadline.5) Documents attestation - college/school documents can be attested from school itself, other documents can b easily attested by any of the authorised notary person(He'll take 200-300 INR at Max. fr all ur documents just bargain if he asks for more.6) Sealed documents- please get your academic transcripts and LOR frm cllg and workplace in a sealed envelope with signature n stamp of registrar on both opening sides of envelope and by professor/senior on LOR envelope.(Do take an extra copy without envelope for scanning or jst scan it before sealing...also take several copies of transcripts n LOR in case u need to apply some other universities which requires a direct application).6) Address of uni assist- sometimes the courier services do not accept address which is given on website. So just use " Uni-assist e.V ,Geneststraße 5, 10829 Berlin, Germany" this address (I got some minor problem bby sending it on the address given on website, DHL was unable to locate that address to they asked me to prany other address, which delayed my process for further 2 more days).7) Check regularly your registered Mail address for your VPD-vorprufungsdokumentation (I was lucky, I got mine within 23 days ).**Now your process doesn't ends here. You need to go to the University website and apply there for your desired course mentioning your VPD no. And other asked information/documents.Queries r welcome
What is the best thing your teacher ever told you?
Original question: What's the best thing you've heard your teacher say?The first day I walked into my 10th grade chemistry class, the lights were off. The teacher was waiting at the front of the room, holding a small candle in front of him. The candle's tiny flame was the only source of light in the room. The class murmured a bit, confused and excited. Once we’d all quieted down, the teacher said, “Tell me some of the observations you can make about this candle."We paused for a moment. That seemed a little too easy for chemistry class. "But keep in mind," the teacher added, "that observations are the things you observe empirically. Inferences are the things you conclude• and inferences can be wrong.”We stared at him, wary now.  At last, someone piped up, “Um...The flame is yellow?”“The flame gives off heat.""The wick is burning." "The wax is cylindrical!"The teacher raised his eyebrows at that one. "Are you sure?"We stared harder at the candle, not sure how to respond to that. It definitely looked cylindrical. The teacher shrugged. Then he put the candle into his mouth and started chewing.The class stared at him.At this point I was wondering if I ought to call the emergency room or something, but the teacher just kept chewing as though nothing was wrong. Eventually, he swallowed, shrugged again, and said, “Actually tastes okay.”As it turns out, the so-called “candle” wasn't made out of wax at all. It was actually just a slice of banana, with an almond slice for the wick.The student’s “wax” statement had actually been an inference.After explaining this to us, the teacher turned on the lights and said, "If there's one thing I want you to learn in this class, it's the first rule of scientific thinking: Never assume that your mind can’t lie to you."And that's the story of how my 10th-grade chemistry teacher swallowed a candle to teach us the first principle of scientific thinking. Here's to you, Mr. Miller.EDIT: A lot of readers seem to be confused about how the banana candle could be lit like a normal candle. The answer's pretty simple - you just light the sliver of almond on fire! If you want to know more, you can google "edible candle." Evan Zajc asked about this in the comments and then made one himself, and the result was pretty cool:Mr. Miller's candle looked a lot like Evan's, but without the awesome plate.
What is the biggest culture shock you have ever faced?
Flood of culture shocks, so to speak!The taste of European culture from Netherlands and Switzerland came along with an astounding dose of cultural shock, for i had long been immersed in the Indian culture.It itches to the core, till the palate adapts to the shock.Here are my observations. Hold on tight.Warning: shocking content ahead.Liberal ideology:If you are a conservative, Netherlands will kick your heart to moon and back, only to be kicked back again!Prostitution is legal. It is a profession where employees are provided with certification and proper health care. There is a museum of prostitution in Amsterdam where children can enter!Drug use is tolerated and controlled. This doesn’t mean that life is dangerous. Quite the contrary in reality. Netherlands is a very safe country with prisons getting shut down due to low crime rates.LGBTQ+ community thrives in the country. Gay marriage is legal. People are open about it. Once i had a lesbian roommate as well.Sex shops with sex toys, kinky clothing etc are no big deal. Live sex shows exist in Amsterdam.Casinos are legal in Netherlands and Switzerland.“Coffee shops” in Netherlands mainly sell Cannabis! Don’t be fooled!God has left Netherlands way back. At least half the population is atheist.Racism is literally invisible.Daily life:Toilet paper instead of water. Yuck.Dogs have a luxurious lifestyle with proper healthcare.Being an Indian, Dutch food feels salt-less, spice-less and uncooked. They eat processed meat, vegetables etc without cooking or after mild boiling.The Dutch are very direct in nature. They will look at your face and tell you what they feel like even if it is something like “Dude, you are so stupid”. They don’t think about all the ways in which it can hurt you. Good side is that they don’t treasure emotional baggage!Nobody cares if you are wearing an odd clothing, nor do they care if you aren’t wearing any. Your choice.The Dutch have a feminine culture (refer Hofstede’s cultural dimension): they are not driven by competition, they let others grow without trying to overtake, all cars stop for you to cross the road, parents want their children happy even if it is at the expense of their grades.Blowing a horn in Netherlands is considered VERY rude. In India you are supposed to horn before taking a turn!The Dutch avoids showing off at any cost. Being humble and escaping the spotlight is normal.In Switzerland, everyone is expected to be rich by default.The Dutch value happiness more than anything.There are more bikes in Netherlands than people.Lizards, mosquitoes, bees, spiders etc are relatively a very rare find.Salary of a PhD student and a sanitary worker are the same. Both are well paid to lead a good life.Individualistic society:Coming from a collective culture, the level of individualism felt daunting.You are responsible for your life decisions. All of them. Studies, dating life and everything. Parents don’t interfere.Nobody talks to strangers in public transport. In India i make friends while on train journeys.Almost everyone move out of their home after 18 and support themselves for studies and life.The Swiss are the loneliest people i have ever met, followed by the Dutch. Friends circle is very small and closed, especially in Switzerland. Spanish, Italians and Indians are the most friendly people on Earth.If you are rich in Switzerland, you tend to spend time on collecting exquisite items and slowly begin to fall in love with them!Social life:Networking is a thing. Events are set up just for this purpose. In India gaining friends is an automatic process. Nobody reserves special time for it.In Switzerland and Netherlands you have to take appointment to visit your friends. Without exception. You can’t show up on your friend’s door just like that.The Swiss doesn’t like noise. The elder Swiss population run off to other countries when Zurich hosts major street parades.People kissing in public is common. It is considered romantic.Staring is considered inappropriate. Nobody does that.The Dutch have their dinner at 6pm. Strange.People vote for major decisions made in Switzerland. When I was there, they actually voted in favor of “paying taxes”!Perfect work-life balance: paid holidays, 40+ non-medical leaves per year etc. No one is expected to work during the weekends.Education:Doing Masters is normal.Pass grade is 60% in Netherlands and 66.67% in Switzerland! Yes, you read it right. And no, its not easy at all.In Netherlands, you can redo an exam as many times as you want and the highest grade would appear on your grade list.The message is pretty clear: pass the course at your pace, with as many resits as you want, but you will only graduate with quality.It is normal for your professor to have a drink with you at the bar. You call them by their name. They don't enforce their superiority.Parents and teachers don't abuse or humiliate children. They talk to them!Teachers don't read out grades in public!Dating and marriage:Dating is frequent. No, parents don’t have a say in it!The Dutch split the bill on their date. It’s called “going Dutch”. No, men don’t pay for their date’s food.Arranged marriage doesn’t exist.People don’t get married before 30, including women.Divorce is not a taboo.People typically begin to have sex after 16 or so.Weddings are low key. I once saw a Swiss wedding in Zurich with hardly 20 people. In India, thousands of people are invited.In short, you can do literally anything you want with your life, anything, unless you hurt someone. Pretty cool isn't it?Thanks for reading! —Ajith Anil Meera
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