Form DS-82

Prepare your Passport Renewal Application correctly

Form DS-82 is a certificate used to apply for a passport renewal. You may need it when your passport is expired or near to it. This procedure is quite convenient and takes about 40 minutes.

There are several positions you must meet before you start filling out form DS-82. At the same time there are circumstances that will prevent you from undergoing this procedure.

Read carefully the next information to figure out how to create a good application.

First of all a person should fill out Form DS-82. It is necessary to complete all the provided fields then print the paper or send directly to a recipient. It is also possible firstly to print it and write in all the information by hand. Immediately after sign an application. Thereafter, collect some documentation.

Here you may find a list of the required ones.

  1. Attach two identical passport photos. They need to be standard format (2×2 inches in size on a white background). If you want to be on photo with head coverings prove with proper documentation that it is because of religious purposes.
  2. Check if your current passport is in good condition. You are not able to submit damaged document. The same thing is when it comes to expired certificate. So make sure that you obtained yours in the last 15 years.
  3. It is obligatory to pay a government fee in the amount of $170.

For those who seeking a quick way to renew a passport it is possible to refer to the regional US passport agency. Your requirement may be satisfied if you are going abroad in the next 14 or 30 days and you need a visa.

For an expedited passport renewal note that if your document is not valid in 6 months it would be better for you to renew it now.

If you apply for expedite DS-82 have a look at the list below.

  1. Prepare an authorization letter, print it and submit one copy. Check off only the first two boxes on this letter.
  2. It is necessary to print one copy of the travel itinerary from a travel agency. It will prove that you need to speed up the process of a Passport Renewal Application.

Finally, review all the provided data on correctness. Check if you inserted only truthful information. Otherwise, it may lead to delay and ultimately denial of the procedure.