Form DS-82

What is a Passport Renewal Application

Form DS-82 is a document used for applying for a passport renewal. This is a convenient way for those whose passport is expired or close to the expired term to renew it by mail.

The approximate time for creating an application is about 40 minutes. Nevertheless, it is common to fill it out using much less time.

Pay attention to the notes below while filling DS-82 out.

  • You are not eligible to apply for a passport renewal if your passport is seriously damaged or was issued to you in illegal way (you were underage at the time of obtaining a passport).
  • It is impossible to file an application if a passport was issued to you 15 years ago or earlier.

In all these cases you need to apply for a new passport.

How to fill a Passport Renewal Application out?

If you find that you have enough rights to undergo this procedure, go to the next steps.

  1. For quickness download Form DS-82 and start typing out the necessary information.
  2. The first block of a form is supposed to be filled out by personal data (your name, date and place of birth, sex, social security number, email address, telephone number etc.) It is requested to attach your passport photo too. Put the date of your last passport renewal. There is also a field to mention name change if it took place.
  3. At the second page you should provide information about your height, hair, eye color, residence, place of work, additional phone number, address and so on.
  4. While filling a document out, remember to complete all the fields with full data. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.
  5. Check the details to avoid errors which may lead to delay and even denial of the procedure.
  6. Once a form is ready, put a signature.

Usually processing of the Form DS-82 can last up to 6 weeks. Sometimes it could take more or less time.

Expedited passport renewals requested by mail take 2 or 3 weeks to process.

If it is urgent, you may use a possibility of overnight delivery.

It is recommended for those who need a quick passport renewal to visit a regional US passport agency but firstly report about such a request by email.